A further focus of the company’s activities is the polyester resin coating and GRP lining of many different types of containers, surfaces and collecting basins made of steel or concrete, indoors and outdoors.

These services include the subsequent restoration of GRP pipes in industrial plants or the relining of damaged storage containers with GRP laminate. The company’s qualified staff can coat these products on site, on the customer’s premises.

In many countries, certain standards are compulsory for underground storage tanks. As a certified polyester specialist, BHK-Kunststoff can perform the necessary GRP corrosion protection coating. After final acceptance – which includes a high-voltage flashover test and a coating thickness check – a detailed test protocol is drawn up by BHK-Kunststoff for our customers.

Well-known manufacturers from the chemicals industry have been relying on the quality and reliability of BHK-Kunststoff polyester resin coatings for years now.