To meet the special requirements of various industries, BHK-Kunststoff also produces plastic stirring paddles – also called propeller-type stirrers – made of polyester resin. These propeller-type stirrers can be produced in different laminate thicknesses and diameters.

The use of glass fibre reinforced plastic has unique advantages for our customers, for example from the ceramics industry: the plastic stirring paddles are very wear-resistant, extremely resistant to chemicals, and relatively light.

On request, all polyester resin stirrers are also available with a protective coating against extremely aggressive media, or with reinforced blade edges for highly abrasive loads.

Compared with stirring paddles made of metal, which may show visible traces in the finished product, only tiny glass particles split off the GRP stirring paddles. These melt completely into the material thanks to the firing process, and no residues can be detected in the finished product.

The polyester resin stirring paddles are mounted on the drive shaft by means of various cone designs, which can also be adapted individually to meet customers’ needs.