Many different kinds of container and silo are made of polyester resin or composite GRP construction, on request with stirrers made of stainless steel or propeller-type stirrers made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. On request, all polyester resin containers can be fitted with additional thermal insulation and heating.

Whether as a round GRP tank for colourant dispersions or as octagonal solvent containers made of polyester resin for ceramic slurry, we can dimension and produce your container to your specifications.
The range of services of BHK-Kunststoff even covers the implementation of complete installations, including the necessary control technology.

The option of producing these polyester resin containers in individual parts is unique.
Thanks to this production technique, customer-specific solutions can also be integrated in inaccessible places, in existing installations or in cramped production facilities.

The individual polyester resin parts are installed by our experienced fitters on site directly where they are needed.

As a plant engineering and construction specialist, BHK-Kunststoff naturally also takes care of the necessary accessories such as fullness sensors, adapters, walk-on grids, ladders etc.