Golden Crescent-moons over Abu Dhabi City

In Abu Dhabi city – very close to the famous Marina Mall – there are shining 3 golden crescent-moons on a newly built mosque named “Al Kareem”, created with polyester resin materials by BHK-Kunststoff, for some time now.

The idea and the inimitable design was arranged from mr. Wolfgang von Zoubek – Architectural Lighting & Design.
Basis of his strong artistic vision and long-term business relations with the consulting group “APG” / Mr. Yasser Fouad in the UAE, the mosque was designed and equipped with 3 illuminated crescents.
This is unique in the world. Due to the positive response, some requests also to equip other mosques with this “Sickle design”, are already received.
Contractor for this project was the company Arabtec Construction L.L.C. from the UAE.

The largest sickle reaches a width of 1.20 m to a height of 1.80 m.
Much technical know-how was required to ensure the desired golden glow in daylight. For this real gold powder and special colours were blended into the laminate.

Especially at night the crescent moons shows an imposing impression as they seem to hover over the mosque. This effect will be achieved by a sophisticated LED technology, which ensures a shadeless illumination from inside of the crescents.
About this hitherto unique project in the Arabian world there was even a report in the largest locally newspaper.


Great Wacker-Chemie building site action at the new plant Nünchritz.
An exact final inspection of the dome-shafts coated by us will take place before finally sinking them into the prepared positions in the soil and the later welded dome shafts are over-laminated.

For years BHK-synthetics and its high quality products have been known as a reliable partner for vessel manufacturers.